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.: MedWater Policy

Policy Initiative to Overcome Water Competition between the Vital Economic Sectors of Agriculture and Tourism in the Mediterranean

Co-ordinated by
WIP – Renewable Energies
 Sylvensteinstr. 2
 81369 München

With support from the European Commission

Inco – Med Program

.: Target Regions
The "MedWater" consortium analysed the water supply situation in five target regions, which have important agricultural activities and a quickly expanding tourism sector. The selected target regions were:
  • Cap Bon Region in Tunisia
  • Dead Sea Region in Jordan
  • Fethiye Region in Turkey
  • Jericho District in the West Bank (Palestine)
  • Naxos Island in Greece
.: MedWater Research
The research monitored the most important water supply sources and water infrastructure as well as the water related energy demand in the target regions. The water demand in the tourist and agricultural sector was assessed. A major focus laid on the use of renewable energies to cover the water related energy demand.
In an additional working step, technologies for enhancing the efficiency of water use, for allowing larger share of water reuse and for exploiting marginal water sources was surveyed.
The empiric research rounded up with an analysis of the political options of sustainable water supply.

.: MedWater Results
This empiric scientific research laid the ground for the elaboration of the MedWater Model for Integrated Water Planning which allows decision makers to analyse the on-site water situation and to define appropriate action to establish sustainable water supply system.
Based on the experiences of the 24 months work the consortium formulated an Intersectoral Water Policy Initiative to overcome water conflicts between the vital economic sectors of agriculture and tourism in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin.