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.: MedWater Policy

Policy Initiative to Overcome Water Competition between the Vital Economic Sectors of Agriculture and Tourism in the Mediterranean

Co-ordinated by
WIP – Renewable Energies
 Sylvensteinstr. 2
 81369 München

With support from the European Commission

Inco – Med Program

.: MedWater Network

The partnership assembled for MedWater policy comprises organisations with a broad range of experience in water treatment/supply/demand issues, the use of renewable energies, assessing and dealing with the social and physical impact of water issues, in developing relevant strategies and high-level policies for tackling specific issues, and in managing extensive international collaborations.

The consortium represents the regions of Northern Africa, Middle East and the European Union.

WIP - Renewable Energies, Germany

AUA - Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

ADEME – Agency for Water and Environment Management , France

EC JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE - Institute for Environment and Sustainability, EC

ETA – Renewable Energies, Italy

Royal Scientific Society – Environmental Research Centre, Jordan

Consolidated Consultants - Department water resources and facilities, Jordan

Palestinian Hydrology Group - Palestinian Authority, West Bank

Seyas International, Turkey

INRGREF - Agricultural Ministry of Tunisia, Tunisia